Mother's Garden


Walk through and enjoy many different plants and flowers in our beautiful garden. Our volunteers work hard to keep everything beautiful and in bloom.  

Catherine Thom describes the garden: "As you approached it from the house there was a low iron ore fence wall and then there was a place where there were two little paths. And an arbor went back to the woods from that covered with Dorothy Perkins rose, and Mother had four very formal beds, two on each side of the arbor, very formal... these were all brick paths... There was a summer house on the back side of the garden with a thatched roof... there was a stone bench in an informal natural part of the garden...Mother called it the wishing bench..."



Catherine Thom describes a typical day on Rocky Beach Farm for her mother, father and the children:

"We were awakened every morning by what we called the 'Rising Bell'. This was rung by Lloyd, the butler, twenty minutes later he rang again to announce breakfast being served. After breakfast Mother sat in the living room and had a conference with Liza, the cook, about meals for the day. Then after Mother had smoked her first cigar of the day she often walked through the garden with William Wilson to talk over the condition of the plants. The garden was fertilized with manure from the manure pit by the stable. But the sandy soil was very porous and nutrients soon leached away. Mother had learned what flowers did best under this condition and stuck to the most suitable varieties." 

"Later in the day Mother sometimes drove around the farm with my father in his little Overland Car. He had learned to drive this car in second gear only. He never learned to shift gears. Driving the dirt roads in second gear the car heated up, but this didn't worry my father. The Overland was never driven by anyone but my father, it was his special pet."

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Hours: 7:00 a.m. to dusk

Closed Tuesdays, Thanksgiving, and Christmas Day.

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